4 Cameroonians Join 100 Africans under Egyptian Patronage

4 Cameroonians Join 100 Africans under Egyptian Patronage

(The Cameroonian Delegates brandishing their national flag. L-R: Wazih, Jerry, Alvine & Myles)

“...I didn't know I was in until I got invited to a WhatsApp group. I had forgotten about the application I sent in…” said Jerry Jonah, one of the delegates of the second batch of the African Presidential Leadership Program.

Chief of the African Union and President of the A.R.E., H.E. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is currently hosting a select cohort of 100 African youths, drawn from nearly 40 African nations.

The idea of the program was launched as part of the implementation of one of the recommendations of the 2018 World Youth Forum and coinciding with the 2019 Egyptian Presidency of the African Union. The program aims at bringing together African youth with different affiliations and beliefs under one umbrella aimed at development and peace, complementing Egypt’s role in effective participation with other African governments. The program is designed to give more than 1,000 young people from Africa a chance to participate in 10 sessions of 100 young African people each.

(Alvine Metuge, one of the Cameroonian delegates)

Amongst the Cameroonian delegates present are Wazih Nji: recording artist and producer; Alvine Metuge: state RN and UN SDG Advocate for peace, combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; Jerry Jonah: co-founder and president of AfroTech Community and Mafany Myles: co-founder of DYDTIL and UN SDSN Advocate.

Over the next month and a half, these 4 Cameroonians along with the rest of their peers across Africa will engage in and discuss key areas pertaining to African opportunities and challenges, sustainable development, gender equality, innovation & ICTs and design thinking amongst many; while honing their managerial, administrative and leadership skills, necessary for H.E. Paul Biya's 2035 vision of Cameroon becoming an emergent nation!

(APLP Batch 2)

Welcoming the Cameroonians and other Africans on September 22, 2019, executive director of the National Training Academy, Rascha Ragheb, PhD, said, “...together, there are no boundaries, no restrictions and no pressures, just us, humans sharing one dream for a brighter tomorrow. I am pleased to welcome you to our APLP family whom we strive to protect and grow bigger and bigger each day."

English speakers, French speakers, Arabic  and Portuguese speakers alike are all present! Being a diverse people, we have come together under one canopy to harness these diversities to our collective advantages.

Source: Mafany Tande Myles, Cameroon
Credits To Adewole Solomon Of TblogNaija


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