Ayox "BlownBoii" Finally Announce "Oghene Do" Release Date

Oh, you wondering how you got here? Yeah, a big tune from Ayox is coming to your speakers sooner than expected. 

The African made fast rising music act, Ayox popularly known as "BlownBoii" took to his social media platforms to announce the release of the new song he has been teasing since, titled "Oghene Do". 

The multi-talented artist break the news early this month after coming back from his social media break, getting to know about this news his fans are now more than ready. 

Wondering what he's serving this time around? Ayox is definitely coming with a different type of sound that'll surely melt your soul, when he was asked about what the song is about. 

He said:

"It’s preaching against 

Abusive Relationship 

Toxic relationship 

It’s also glorifying our skin Color as black

And most of making our girls understand they deserve more

From this response what do you think? this amazing youngster isn't making music that'll last for the moment, he has the right content that'll last forever. 

Ayox is definitely not here to bore his fans, from "AJÉ" to "High level" now "Oghene Do", this promising artist is definitely putting all his possible best into his music, that's why there have always been a huge turn up & good review from his amazing fans. 

You can listen HERE 👇🏾

It's on the papers the record is clear, the success from his hit single "Aje" is truly inspiring, without any promo, the song surpassed 300k streams on all digital platforms in months plus been aired on international radio & TV stations & all. 

So without any doubts "Oghene Do" is going to be another great song from coming from Ayox and it's going to be released April 16.

Check Out Ayox Released Promo Photos, Ahead Of His New Single :

Photo: Courtesy of Plenty Visuals📸 

Model: Rhanny White 🌺

Don't Forget To Check Out This Great Artist And Share Your Thoughts In The Comments Box🤗❤️


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